Make money: How I made $10k (revenue) last month with my Airbnb.

I have a five bedroom home in Seattle, WA. Two summers ago I decided to turn my home into an Airbnb because I didn’t want to move all my furniture. I initially bought the house from my parents with the intent to live there for a long time with housemates.

Well, I lived there for two years and all my housemates seem to all leave at the same time summer 2016. I really didn’t want to get 4 brand new housemates all over again and I definitely didn’t want to move my furniture. So I decided to Airbnb my house.

The first year I made on average $3k per month. I paid a co-host to help figure things out and after being established for a year I decided I could take off the training wheels and do it on my own.

I decided to hire a designer to help makeover my place and increase the price per night. Last month I made $10k. Summer season that is normal. Off season I make around $5k per month.

Here are the 5 things that help boost my revenue on Airbnb.

1. Hired a decorator – this boost my bookings dramatically

2. Hired professional photographer – along with having a decorator, I hired a photographer to take professional photos

3. Key word – I added key words to my listing

4. Increase prices to compete with other area Airbnb – I always kept an eye out on my competition to make sure I’m in the ballpark in pricing

5. Use Airbnb suggested price recommendation – when Airbnb suggested a % price reduction, I always took it. It put me up top on the searches and most months I was booked completely but got me to the top of the search location and other factors may impact nightly rates. I average $350 per night peak season and $199 per night off season.

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