It can be misunderstood that winding up a company and liquidating your company are the same thing – This is not the case, essentially, they are both two different stages in the process of company closure. The process of liquidation focuses on the selling off the company assets to pay creditors, followed by the closure of the company. Whereas winding up is where you end all business affairs and then close the company. What is Liquidation? Liquidation essentially means selling the company, so for example, once all long-term relationships have been dealt with, the business assets are liquidated. Due to the specific nature of UKRead More →

NBA fans (and general managers) have had the summer of 2019 circled on their calendars for a very long time. With names like Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving available via free agency — plus the inevitable Anthony Davis trade having already gone down earlier in the month — the sheer amount of star power potentially swapping teams this offseason could reshape the league for years to come. But is this the most star-studded free-agent summer in recent memory? It depends on how we look at things. To calculate the value of every player in each free-agent class since 2010 — theRead More →

Confession time: I’ve spent my life quitting jobs and avoiding full-time employment. In fact, since my first job 35 years ago, I’ve never been employed full-time for more than a few weeks. I’ve enjoyed many jobs for short periods of time, but I actually hate traditional employment. You might secretly feel the same. You might say “I hate my job” whenever you have to go to work. You may suspect you’ll hate any future replacements. But you still have to pay bills, so what can you do? What Should You Do If You Hate Your Job? Assuming you want to avoid living in poverty asRead More →

This week, all eyes are on the first Democratic presidential debates, which feature 20 candidates, 10 each on Wednesday and Thursday. Here at FiveThirtyEight, we’re already looking ahead to who will make the stage in the second set of debates, taking place next month. According to our research, things might get complicated: 21 candidates have already qualified (and more could make the cut in the coming weeks), so the Democratic National Committee might have to turn to its tiebreakers to reduce the field to its maximum of 20 debaters. The 20 candidates on stage this week have already qualified for the next set of debatesRead More →

Too many of us are settling for less-than-satisfactory checking accounts. (Just look at the folks complaining on Twitter!) We’re still forking over so many bank fees. The average American forks over $360 a year in overdraft fees alone, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. That doesn’t even account for ATM network fees, monthly maintenance fees, minimum balance fees… you get the point. In reality, there are a ton of free checking account options out there; you just might not be looking in the right places (ahem, online banking!). No need to spend hours researching, though. We did that for you. 8 Best Free CheckingRead More →

If you’ve ever suspected that it’s more expensive to fly on certain days of the week than others, your hunch is right. The cheapest days to fly are… drumroll… Tuesday and Wednesday. Fewer people want to fly on those days because they don’t fit the typical Monday-through-Friday work schedule. So, airlines discount tickets on those days slightly. That’s the short answer. But there’s much more to consider when booking a plane ticket so you’re sure to get the best deal. Cheapest Days to Fly, Explained A 2019 study by the travel site found what every study before it had: You’ll pay less for airfareRead More →